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Petite Power

Petite Power

By Courtney Sturniolo

We recently asked our customers and followers to tell us more about your experiences being a petite woman. We loved the responses – the honest and the inspiring – and wanted to share them with you.

A lot of women noted that being petite can be an inconvenience. For example, as petites, sometimes we “can’t reach stuff off the top cabinet without crawling on the counters.” Trust me, we feel you! And don’t get us started on trying to buy clothes off the rack.

Many others face genuine body image problems, and comments like “I feel weird seeing how short my body is” were common. One woman said, “not being a model,” and it is undeniable that the fashion industry is made for tall people. But we are changing that, one dress at a time! And all Sugopetite models are 5’4” or shorter. We want you to see our beautiful dresses on women that represent YOU.

There is, at least, a strong perception that being petite can have father reaching consequences, including our professional lives. Forty percent of respondents think taller people get better jobs and opportunities. Another 13% felt their professional career has been directly and negatively impacted by society’s (often unconscious) bias favoring taller people.

We were inspired by the number of women who knew that being “fun size” doesn’t slow them down when it comes to the qualities we value in ourselves and others. Many women listed being a mom and “raising great kids” as their superpower. Others spoke to their confidence, knowledge, intelligence, kindness, resilience, uniqueness, sense of humor, loyalty, and empathy. You are our true superheroes!

It can even come with some perks, like “sneaking through crowds because I’m short lol” and being fierce and feisty. Big personalities come in small packages!

What’s your superpower? Let us know in the comments!

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