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Petite Clothing Myths: Throwing Out the Rules

Petite Clothing Myths: Throwing Out the Rules
By Courtney Sturniolo

Rules are made to be broken – especially fashion rules! Once upon a time, we never would have worn socks with our pumps, but from the runway to your closet it goes. Anything you love can become a wardrobe staple. Bear in mind a few styling tips and, as our founder, Susan Gomez says, “never underestimate yourself!”

Striped Top

Horizontal Stripes

You have probably heard that horizontal stripes are not flattering on petite women. Susan proves that’s not always the case. These horizontal stripes look great on her, right? You’ll notice the stripes are 3 different thicknesses, thin, medium and large. This avoids the geometric optical illusion that makes something look wider or shorter.

Sugopetite Tulip Dress Midi

Midi Length Skirts

”They” say that midi-length skirts cut off the legs and make a petite woman look short. They clearly don’t know what Susana Tapias knows (Miss Houston Latina). A monochromatic dress gives a tall appearance, especially paired with nude shoes to visually extend the legs. See for yourself! Be careful not to pair a midi skirt with a bulky top that makes you lose your waist. Our belted Tulip ticks all the boxes – just add your favorite accessories.

Petite Overall in print

All Over Prints

Are petite women really supposed to avoid clothing with prints?! The horror! There are too many beautiful, printed petite dresses and clothes to go without. A general guideline is to opt for smaller prints. Another is to avoid too many colors. Here, Susan has kept her shoes in the color family of her dress, while adding one contrast element for a pop of color! While we’re at it, here’s another rule you should break…

Oversized Handbags

Do it! Oversized bags look best when they are not paired with other oversized items, like a big sweater. Susan nails it here with a fitted dress.

Sugopetite Tulip Dress Different Body Shapes

Petite Means Tiny

Sure, some petite women can shop in the kids’ clothing section. But make no mistake: petite clothing is not just for size 00. At Sugopetite, our clothing is designed for women of all shapes between 4’10” and 5’4”. The difference is that our size Large petite dress is in proportion to a petite woman’s arm length, for example, so our sleeves won’t hang past your wrist. After adjusting for height, our dresses still have enough room in the bodice for your normal dress size. Check out our complete sizing guide here or write to for personalized sizing guidance.

Shine On!

As they say, “A Sugopetite dress is the most beautiful thing you can wear.” Wait… was that the expression? Oh! No, it was confidence. Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear! (Let’s agree Sugopetite dresses are a close second.) Regardless of whether you are following the rules or bending them to your will, the most important person to please is yourself. If you feel good, rock that outfit!

Send a picture of yourself rocking your favorite outfit that petites “shouldn’t” wear to, and we might feature you in an upcoming story!

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