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Our commitment to sustainability lets you feel as good about your dress as you feel in it.

Sugopetite leads the fashion industry by example. You can trust that every decision we make is for the good of our customers, the planet and every person involve in the process. We believe in integrity, honesty, humanity, and kindness.

Our Fabrics

We’re utilizing state-of-the art, recycled PET, Chitosante fabric, and our 100% cotton, upcycled denim comes from a sustainable textile manufacturer in Guatemala that has engineered a closed-loop manufacturing process to minimize waste. They start with post-industrial denim waste and transform them into the fabric that we use in the Sugopetite Daisy collection.

Every pound of upcycled material saves 2,400 gallons of water – the equivalent of drinking water for a year for 13 people. And it is 100% cotton with no synthetic fibers, so it can be composted when (if!) you no longer wear the garment.  The Daisy Collection proves that Leftovers Are Beautiful!

  • production of our recycled polyester requires 70 percent less energy compared to virgin polyester
  • every one of our Tulip Collection dresses keeps about 30 bottles of plastic out of oceans, landfills (where it would take up to 1000 years to biodegrade), and incinerators (with toxic emissions)
  • recycled PET is combined with biomass from crustaceans – not fibers from thirsty plants, like virgin cotton- or wood-based fabrics
  • this process does not use biomass that involves pesticides or insecticides
  • our high quality designs are not “fast fashion” – classic styles never go out of trend, go from day to night, and are built to last for years as a staple of your wardrobe
  • virgin polyester is almost the same as recycled polyester, in terms of quality, but our recycled fabric reduces the extraction petroleum from the Earth and lessens our dependence on this non-renewable resource

Our Manufacturing Impact

We are now a small team creating beautiful dresses for you. But with every production run, we are making a difference. We hope you will share in our commitment to sustainable fashion, and together we can watch these numbers grow!

Sugopetite Manufacturing Impact