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Daisy Collection

The Daisy Collection is a new petite women’s limited-edition line of conscious aesthetic, relaxed and feminine garments created by artisans’ hands in Guatemala & inspired from the innocent rebirth of nature in spring. The new collection unites two apparently different worlds: craftmanship and sustainability, with a focus on beautiful, fresh and lightweight upcycled denim fabrics.

Our upcycled denim comes from a sustainable textile manufacturer in Guatemala that has engineered a closed-loop manufacturing process to minimize waste. They start with post-industrial denim waste and transform them into the fabric that we use in the Sugopetite Daisy collection. Every pound of upcycled material saves 2,400 gallons of water – the equivalent of drinking water for a year for 13 people. And it is 100% cotton with no synthetic fibers, so it can be composted when (if!) you no longer wear the garment.  The Daisy Collection proves that Leftovers Are Beautiful!