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Easy Ways to Practice Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living
By Courtney Sturniolo

From what we put on our bodies to what we put into them, we can all make some easy changes to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It’s a classic for a reason! With the current state of post-consumer recycling in the US, however, it’s not always possible to recycle. About 25% of what we put in the recycling bin actually ends up in landfills. Reduce and reuse to make the greatest impact. 

Wear Your Values 

Support sustainable brands and the fashion industry will follow. Sugopetite is glad to lead the way! These days, there are many more options to choose from. Here are a few others that we highly recommend. 

  • Allbirds uses a combination of sustainable natural materials and post-consumer recycled materials in their fashion and athletic shoes. 
  • Rothy’s flats are becoming an instant classic. All their shoes and bags are knit with 100% recycled materials. 
  • Patagonia is leading the way in performance wear. Almost 70% of their line uses recycled materials, their organic fibers are sustainably farmed, and they prioritize animal welfare. 
  • Credo Beauty products are made with clean ingredients from sustainable sources. Their packaging standards require sustainable manufacturing processes and recyclable materials. 

Better Nutrition is Better for the Planet

The food industry accounts for more than a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions! Eating less meat is the most impactful factor in reducing the carbon footprint of our diet. People with a primarily plant-based diet also have lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol, healthier hearts, fewer instances of type-2 diabetes, healthier body weights, lower risk for cancer, and longer lives. 

Conserve Energy

With all of the ways to reduce our energy consumption, we can all find a few to follow that fit our lifestyle. Turn off the light when you leave a room. Use LED bulbs. Turn down your hot water heater. Fill your dishwasher before running it. They all add up!

We can make significant strides with transportation modifications. Carpool to work if you can. Take public transit if it’s available. And when you can walk, do! Your heart and the planet will thank you. 

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