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Our Upcycled Denim Dresses

Our Upcycled Denim Dresses

By Courtney Sturniolo

The Sugopetite Daisy collection is made from upcycled jeans. Here’s a look into why Daisy is a collection of truly sustainable garments.

What is The New Denim Project?

Our upcycled denim comes from a sustainable textile manufacturer in Guatemala that has engineered a closed-loop manufacturing process to minimize waste. They start with post-industrial denim waste and transform them into the fabric that we use in the Sugopetite Daisy collection. As they say at The New Denim Project, “Waste is not waste until we waste it.”

Am I wearing someone’s old jeans?

No. While we are huge proponents of second-hand clothing and keeping fast fashion out of landfills, the materials in our upcycled denim are pre-consumer, virgin manufacturing waste. When another company makes a pair of jeans, there are always cut-offs that are discarded in the process. The leftover denim cuttings – which would normally go into landfills – are ground back into fiber and woven into beautiful denim fabric. Leftovers are beautiful!

What is the economic impact?

  • Every pound of upcycled material saves 2,400 gallons of water – the equivalent of drinking water for a year for 13 people.
  • Our denim is 100% cotton with no synthetic fibers, so it can be composted when (if!) you no longer wear the garment.

Does it feel like traditional denim?

Our upcycled denim is soft, fresh, light, and comfortable – and it’s machine washable. Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Iron on a low-temperature setting, if necessary.

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