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Thank you

It is really hard to create something without the help of others.

I'm extremely thankful to all the people that have encouraged and supported me to launch Sugopetite.

There are some very special human beings that have had a huge impact in my life throughout this process, if it wasn't because of them, I would have not been able to do it, specially the ones that provided guidance and have shared their knowledge.

Special thanks to:

StartUp Fashion for the weekly encouraging messages, the daily resources to build up Sugopetite and for allowing me to connect to like minded people in the fashion industry. Nicole Geordano the founder of StartUp Fashion was the person who told me that Sugopetite was possible, I met her beautiful soul at a trade show in New York City. Thank you Nicole, you have given me SO much so far.

Factory 45 her founder Shannon Lohr and her team gave the road map to drive Sugopetite through the right direction and provided me with all the sources and information to launch Sugopetite as a sustainable brand. I can't never thank them enough for the program they put together for dreamers like me.

Female Entrepreneur Association and her founder Carrie Green for all the amazing resources they provide to entrepreneurs. Carrie Green's and her book She Means Business, continues to inspire me every time I feel uninspired or wanting to quit. Thank you Carrie, you are an inspiration! 

Fire You Up for keeping the fire within me burning! The daily motivation, the challenges, the loving community and the supporting sisterhood within the group make Fire You Up very special. The founder Natalia Castillo is a dear friend and a person I admire greatly. Thank you Nati for being an inspiration and a role model for me and so many women out there!

Special thanks to my master pattern maker Marta Irene for believing in my project and for being willing to work with me even though she has a full time job as a teacher but made a huge effort to work with me. She was my teacher when I was studding design 14 years ago and I'm so blessed to still be able to work with her 14 years later.

Geovani Socop with Inter-Moda! Geovani and his team have put all their heart in creating Sugopetite's pieces to be align with our pillar of quality. They are a small manufacture in Guatemala with huge heart into work. Giovani has been working in the manufacture of clothing all his life and he's very passionate about it. Thank you for working with me Geovani!

Huge thanks to these amazing creators, Courtney Sturniolo, Jenna Barret with Anthem in Art, Michale Saavedra with Amber Magic Studio LLC for making all the magic happen!

Thank you to all my family and friends that have supported me through this journey. Very special thanks to my dear friend Courtney Sturniolo for her unconditional advice and support!

Finally, thank you to all my followers for their love and support!

Without all of you Sugopetite would have not been possible.

Thank you!

Susan Gomez