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About Susan Gomez

The founder and CEO of Sugopetite, Susan Gomez, has been around clothing her entire life. Susan got her start in fashion - the family business - at a very young age in Guatemala. She formally studied fashion design at the Colegio Tecnologico Creativo Los Proceres in Guatemala City. 

Susan moved to Houston, Texas, in 2007. Living in the US, she found that buying clothes off the rack was almost impossible. They were too big, everywhere! She knew there were other petite women out there having the same problem, and she wanted to solve it.  After a decade of making bespoke pieces for her clients, Susan launched Sugopetite in 2019. 

Susan’s passion for the fashion industry was at odds with her natural, rural upbringing. Instead of contributing to the pollution problem, Susan chose to lead by example. She founded one of the world’s first petite sustainable fashion lines to be a part of the solution.

Susan welcomes interviews on sustainable fashion, petite fashion, Latina and/or women business leaders, as well as a variety of other topics.  

Click here to download a headshot; photo credit: Anthem In Art.  

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