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Petite Style Guide – Summer 2020 Trends

Petite Style Guide – Summer 2020 Trends
By Courtney Sturniolo

Summer fashion is in full force, and we’re here with styling tips for all you petite fashionistas out there!


Petite Summer Trends

Summer 2020 Trend: Midi Dresses and Skirts

Petite Styling Tip: Since midi dresses don’t create length, petites should consider a monochromatic look to visually extend through the torso and thighs.

Pooja Gohil @katrinagohil, a Sugopetite model and (perhaps more famously) Miss Bollywood USA 2017, shows us how it’s done.



Shirt Dress Summer Trend

Summer 2020 Trend: Shirtdresses

Petite Styling Tip: Shirtdresses come in many styles, and petite women should pay attention to how fitted they are in the waist. A tailored or belted waist avoids losing your shape through the middle.

Lauris Lopez @laurisloves, an NYC lifestyle blogger and petite fashionista, belted her vertical-stripes shirt dress to accentuate her beautiful figure.  


High Waisted Pants Summer TrendSummer 2020 Trend: High Waisted Bottoms

Petite Styling Tip: Any time, any place. Petite women look especially great in high-waisted pants and our founder, Susan Gomez, recently posted a blog about it.





Off the Shoulder Dress Summer Trends

Summer 2020 Trend: Off-the-shoulder dresses and tops

Petite Styling Tip: Petites ladies, be careful about pairing off the shoulder tops with high waisted bottoms. This can give the visual appearance of a short torso.

Susana Rego @regosusana gets bonus points for this off-the-shoulder dress that side-steps the concern altogether.



Loving Our Planet is Always in Style
Whichever trends you are loving this summer, look for sustainable fashion and eco-clothing options. Choose pieces with staying power, that won’t end up in a landfill by Christmas.

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