Welcome to Sugopetite, for petite by petite.

My name is Susan Gomez and that’s where SUGO is inspired from. PETITE comes from my height.  I’m 5 feet tall and have always had a hard time finding clothes that fit me right.

My love for fashion started at a very early age when my dad used to make me the most beautiful dresses for every special occasion. My dad was a tailor and his dresses always made me feel so special, beautiful and unique. Growing up, I never had issues finding nice clothes because mine were always custom made by him. Unfortunately, my dad left us way too soon to go to heaven.

Following his passion that turned into mine, I decided to become a fashion designer, graduating from college in 2006 in Guatemala City where I am from.

SUGOPETITE is an inspirational blog to bring you styles for petite women that go through the same struggles that I go through because everything fits too long or it doesn’t fit at all. I realize that we need to be creative with what’s in the market to make the options out there easier to wear.

As a fashion designer, my long term dream is that SUGOPETITE will not only be your inspirational style and fashion blog but to become your petite designer bringing you classic, elegant, with a touch of style designs for your petite size.


Thank you for visiting SUGOPETITE!