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Sweaters and Leggings

Sugopetite/Oct 28, 2016 Sweater: Here Leggings: Here Boots: Here Scarf: Here Purse: Here Photos by Steve Santes Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you this combination of sweater and leggings that is trending this fall. The loose sweater and the comfy leggings “who doesn’t love leggings” make this outfit super comfortable. With the blanket scarf I give this outfit a chic touch and some extra color to brighten it. The boots are one of my favorite pieces because of the combination of the color and material in it. Please leave […]

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Loving this Blue Dress

Sugopetite/ Oct 14, 2016 Dress: Here Sandals: Similar Here Purse: Similar Here Photos by Steve Santes Hello everyone! Let me tell you how in love I am with this dress. There are several things I love about it… the price, the color, uniqueness and style of it. You’ll love the price, click here to see. The color is a dark blue which I love plus the beautiful embroidery in the upper part makes it very unique. The style is so comfy, you can wear it lose or in my case I added this cute belt  for personal style preference. […]

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Sugopetite/Sep 30, 2016 Dress: Hollister (Vintage) Shoes:Here Purse: Similar Here Photos by Steve Santes Hello again everyone! I hope your week was wonderful and that the weekend ahead will be awesome. Today I am wearing this super comfortable dress from Hollister . It is such a simple dress but it looks very cute and I love the opening in the back. The fabric is super soft and it fits great. I know that we are already in full fall season, however I am very fortunate to live in Houston TX and […]

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