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The Beautiful City of Newport

Sugopetite/Jan 1, 2017 Photos by Steve Santes Welcome to another post of Sugopetite! Here is another outfit I wore while visiting Boston. This day we visited the beautiful city of Newport RI. I have been to Newport several times but time was for sure the best visit. The day was cold so I put together this cute winter outfit that kept me warm while exploring the city. The turtle neck blouse worked perfect to keep my neck and chest covered. This gorgeous vest from Calvin Klein besides keeping me warm it’s so […]

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Quincy Market Day

Sugopetite/12/16/16 Photos by Steve Santes Welcome to another post of Sugopetite! Today, I am sharing the first outfit I wore during my weekend trip to Boston MA by the Quincy Market area. In Houston I don’t get to wear real winter cloths because we don’t get the extreme cold weather here. So on my trip to Boston I wanted to take full advantage of it. The day of the photo shoot was very cold, but I was fully prepare with warm cloths. This awesome Calvin Klein jacket kept me warm during the shoot. The outfit I chose […]

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Rocking Horizontal Stripes

Sugopetite/Dec 9, 2016 Photos by Steve Santes You probably have heard that stripes are not favorable for petite women. Well, let me tell you that that’s not always the case. As you can see on my photos my blouse has horizontal stripes and it looks really good on me, right? I actually love this blouse because it has a combination of stripes. If you notice it has 3 different stripes thicknesses… thin, medium and large. That’s what makes it look good and it doesn’t distract the attention for your height. […]

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