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Rocking Horizontal Stripes

Sugopetite/Dec 9, 2016 Photos by Steve Santes You probably have heard that stripes are not favorable for petite women. Well, let me tell you that that’s not always the case. As you can see on my photos my blouse has horizontal stripes and it looks really good on me, right? I actually love this blouse because it has a combination of stripes. If you notice it has 3 different stripes thicknesses… thin, medium and large. That’s what makes it look good and it doesn’t distract the attention for your height. […]

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Style your dress

Sugopetite/Dec 1, 2016 Jacket: Similar here – Dress: Here – Shoes: Similar here – Purse: Similar here -Belt: Similar Here Photos by Steve Santes Hello everyone! I wanted to show you how I managed to wear a regular sizes dress on a petite body. It doesn’t work all the time neither with all pieces. This dress didn’t come in petite sizes. I fell in love with it because of the color and it’s very versatile and simple dress that you can use in so many different way,ย it also comes in […]

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My chic look

Sugopetite/Nov 18, 2016 Top: Here Leggings: Here Jacket: Here Boots: Here Purse: Similar here Photos by Steve Santes Welcome to another post of Sugopetite! This outfit is inspired forย petite woman with a chic style. I fell in love with this top the moment I saw it. It’s from one of my favorite stores Loft. They have a petite department almost in every store in Houston and lots of petite styles online. I combined it with leggings to express a casual look, my one inch platform boots and this super cute […]

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