The Express Dress

Hi, I hope you are having a beautiful day!

This beautiful dress is from Express, I am calling it  “the express dress” not only for the fact that’s from Express, but also because it’s so versatile, comfortable and easy to wear. I am wearing it in a classy style but you can also wear it with some flats or even with some very casual sandals for comfort and it will look very nice as well. I got the dress as a gift from one of my best friends for my birthday, they know my style. The beautiful purse is from Calvin Klein and it was a gift from my sweet boyfriend, the shoes are Jessica Simpson. I hope you like this outfit. Leave your thoughts and comments.


Photos by Steve Santes

Categories: Styles


  1. Adoro tu look! sencillo y precioso! y ojalá todas tuvieramos un color de piel TAN bonito, me uno ahora mismo a tu blog! pásate por el mio si te apetece, mil besos!!


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